Industry Observation I: 10 Facts about FDA Product Approval
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Is overseas drug purchases really FDA approved? Perhaps you have seen these words on the company's website or in advertisements promoting products or treatments. The following are some facts about FDA approved and non FDA approved products.

1  The effects of generic drugs and branded drugs are the same

FDA approved generic drugs have the same clinical benefits and risks as branded drugs. Generic drugs require the same dosage, safety, efficacy, dosage, stability, quality, and dosage form as branded drugs.

02  FDA does not approve vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other dietary supplements for the treatment or prevention of diseases

If a supplement promises to cure or quickly solve health problems, then it may be incredibly good.

03  FDA does not approve compound drugs

Formulating composite drugs is the process by which pharmacists or doctors create drugs that meet the needs of individual patients by combining, mixing, or altering ingredients. The FDA has found that some compound drug manufacturers (who are commissioned by medical institutions to prepare pharmacy compound drugs) have made false and misleading statements. These specific compound drugs are similar to in hospital preparations or prescriptions for individual patients and will not be authorized by the FDA for widespread and widespread market sales.

04  The FDA has not yet approved e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid

Although some e-cigarettes may help smoking adults completely quit or significantly reduce the use of more harmful cigarettes, the FDA has not yet approved any e-cigarette products as a method to help quit smoking.

05  The FDA does not approve some institutions

For example, medical product companies or healthcare providers, including doctor offices or laboratories.

06  There is no such thing as waterproof sunscreen

Even products labeled as "waterproof" will eventually be washed off. The waterproof performance claims to be 40 or 80 minutes, telling you how long you expect to receive protection when entering and exiting water. Please remember that infants under six months old should not apply sunscreen, just keep them away from sunlight.

07  FDA does not approve cosmetics

The ingredients (except for certain colors) and labels of cosmetics, such as many perfume, cosmetics, moisturizers, shampoos, hair dyes, facial and body cleansers, and shaving preparations, do not require FDA approval. However, according to legal regulations, cosmetics must not be "adulterated" or "mislabeled".

08  The FDA approved vaccine has undergone rigorous evaluation by the FDA to ensure its safety and efficacy

Ensuring that all vaccines meet safety and efficacy standards is one of the top priorities of the FDA. The FDA's evaluation of vaccines covers the entire lifecycle of their development and use. This includes research conducted prior to human testing, research conducted during the development process, and ongoing evaluation of vaccines after approval and market launch in the United States.

Additional emphasis: There is no connection between vaccines and autism. Scientific evidence does not support the link between vaccines and autism. The initial concern about vaccines potentially leading to autism was related to measles, mumps, rubella vaccines, and vaccines containing thiomersal. Dozens of reputable and peer-reviewed scientific studies from the United States and other countries around the world support the safety of sulfur-containing mercuric vaccines.

09  The use of cannabidiol can cause safety issues, and it has not been proven that some cannabidiol products claim to treat or prevent diseases or illnesses when sold

Research has shown that cannabidiol may damage the liver, male reproductive system, and interact with drugs. The FDA has only approved one type of cannabidiol product, which is a prescription drug used to treat childhood seizures associated with certain syndromes and diseases. Unconfirmed cannabidiol products may delay consumers from receiving important medical care, such as proper diagnosis, treatment, and supportive care. Before using any cannabidiol products, please consult a healthcare professional.

10  The FDA is responsible for protecting public health

The FDA is responsible for protecting public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and safety of human and veterinary food and drugs, biological and tobacco products, medical devices, cosmetics, and products exposed to radiation. Promoting public health means helping to accelerate medical innovation and provide accurate, scientifically based information to the public.

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