To help drug innovation, the Asia Pain Transformation Seminar was successfully held
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Recently, the Asia Pain Transformation Seminar was successfully held in Suzhou Wuzhong Biomedical Industrial Park. A number of pain experts and representatives of Lindmik Pharmaceutical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. participated in the activity.

This exchange aims to provide rich clinical expert resources for the rapid development of Suzhou biomedical industry, promote the transformation of scientific research results, accelerate the listing of improved innovative drugs, and jointly promote the agglomeration and innovation development of the biomedical industry.

Presentations at the conference explored the cutting-edge trends in clinical pain relief programs and innovative approaches from multiple perspectives. Through the explanation and introduction of the pain points in clinical diagnosis and treatment and the latest progress, it provides new ideas and new concepts for the development of the pharmaceutical industry, jointly promotes the organic linkage and integrated development between production, research and medicine, accurately and efficiently promotes the industrial agglomeration development in the field of transdermal preparations, expands the vision and expands the ideas. Experts attending the meeting said that relieving pain and committing to innovation has become an important thrust for the development of hospital departments, and only by strengthening multi-party exchanges and cooperation in innovation transformation can we effectively improve the transformation effect of medical scientific and technological achievements and better serve patients. October 16 - October 22 is China Pain Week, accelerating the improvement of comprehensive pain care ability on the basis of pain treatment innovation, so that correct pain knowledge into life, so that scientific concepts gather you and me.

Lindmik Pharmaceutical, an enterprise in the industrial park, shared innovative results and practical experience at this seminar, exploring collaborative innovation between production, university, research and medicine to help the high-quality development of China's pharmaceutical industry. Mr. Gu Danhui, Chairman of Leming Pharmaceutical, said that Leming Pharmaceutical has been focusing on the research and development and industrialization of transdermal drug delivery technology, based on a deep understanding of the Chinese pharmaceutical market, to solve the clinical unmet needs as the starting point, focusing on the difference of preparation innovation, to provide more effective clinical solutions for musculoskeletal system pain.

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