The First Phase of Leming Pharmaceutical Partner Market Competitiveness Enhancement Training Camp Officially Launched
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In the fierce market competition, constantly improving one's own strength is the only way for every enterprise to sustain its development. In line with the development trend of the future industry, and in order to better support our partners and enhance the market competitiveness of both parties, Leming Pharmaceutical has launched a series of training courses to empower customers and help their teams grow. Starting from March 19, 2024, the Partner Market Competitiveness Enhancement Training Camp has been officially launched!

The spring breeze of March is blowing in my face. From March 19th to 22nd, 2024, the Leming Pharmaceutical Partner Market Competitiveness Enhancement Training Camp was officially launched at the Suzhou headquarters. The first training camp focused on the interpretation of flurbiprofen gel paste, centralized procurement policy, and hospital access and quantity. In the first phase, partners from eight provinces and cities across the country gathered in Suzhou. The training focused on academic, clinical practicality and operability. Students said that they had gained a lot from this training camp.

Product empowerment helps enhance competitiveness

Based on the characteristics and development trends of the current pharmaceutical industry, Leming Pharmaceutical adheres to the development concept of product centeredness, refined management and service as the main focus, and professional chemical technology support as the basis. The achievement of sales targets requires national partners and enterprises to unify their concepts and work together. By providing training in training camps, we aim to enhance the market competitiveness of our partners and achieve efficient collaboration in future market promotion, continuously increasing our market share and market share.

Mr. Gu Danhui, Chairman of Leming Pharmaceutical, pointed out that in 2024, Leming Pharmaceutical needs to gradually build and improve its academic marketing system, with the goal of maximizing patient benefits, focusing on expert development, and based on evidence-based medicine, committed to creating an innovative enterprise brand in the field of transdermal drug delivery. Leming Pharmaceutical has always focused on the research and industrialization of transdermal drug delivery technology, and has always adhered to achieving mutual success with partners, working together to promote the growth of the overall marketing system.

Integration and Progress, Hand in Hand Development

Before the training, the marketing department of Leming Pharmaceutical conducted multiple discussions based on the actual situation of the teams in each province, and repeatedly polished and meticulously crafted the courses and courseware. During the training process, we provided our partners with a detailed explanation of the product's features, advantages, usage methods, drug warnings, and common problem-solving solutions. Through vivid case analysis and practical operation demonstrations, abstract product knowledge becomes vivid and easy to understand. In addition to product knowledge, we have also provided in-depth interpretations of past centralized procurement policies and provided more operational and targeted strategic recommendations on how to effectively achieve market access and clinical volume in the lower tier market.

At the same time, through rich interactive activities, encouraging partners to actively ask questions and share experiences, the training site is filled with a strong learning atmosphere.

Nearly twenty partners who participated in the training focused and listened attentively. After class, many expressed that the combination of theoretical and practical courses in this training camp can quickly apply the knowledge learned to practical work.

Companions embark on a journey together

This training not only improved the product knowledge level of our partners, but also enhanced communication and collaboration between both parties. Through face-to-face communication, we gained a deeper understanding of the difficulties and needs encountered by our partners in practical operations, providing valuable references for subsequent marketing.

Partners are an important pillar of a company's development. In the future, Leming Pharmaceutical will continue to increase its training efforts and regularly hold various training activities to ensure that partners can keep up with product updates and continuously improve their competitiveness. At the same time, we will continue to launch more products, improve service quality, and provide more comprehensive and efficient support for our partners.

Here, we would like to thank every partner who participated in the training. It was your enthusiasm and investment that made this training so exciting. Join hands with Leming Pharmaceutical to create brilliance!

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