Grateful Companion, Hand in Hand for Win Win mit Leming Pharmaceuticals Strategic Partner Appreciation Conference erfolgreich abgehalten
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Am Abend des 13.Mai fand die 2024 Strategic Partner Appreciation Conference of Leming Pharmaceutical im Lisheng Selected Hotel im Yangtze River, Shanghai, statt. Mehr als 100-Partner aus verschiedenen Provinzen des Landes nahmen an dieser Wertschätzungskonferenz teil.

In the wave of globalization, every handshake is not only the beginning of cooperation, but also an important step in jointly drawing a blueprint for the future. Tonight, at the National Partner Appreciation Conference, we gather with friends from all over the world to look forward to the future glory together.

Not rejecting the gentle flow reveals the vastness of the sea's acceptance of all rivers; Without taking small steps, one can see the distance of a thousand miles. In the year 2024, full of infinite possibilities, every step of Leming Pharmaceutical's growth path is filled with challenges and opportunities. Without the cooperation of partners, there can be no steady progress for Leming Pharmaceutical in the future. This partner appreciation meeting is not only a simple gathering, but also a heart to heart exchange, a collision of wisdom and wisdom. I hope to express my deepest gratitude to every partner through this platform.

At the meeting, Mr. Gong Yongjun, the Business Director of Lindmik Pharmaceutical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., gave an opening speech, warmly welcoming the arrival of all partners and sincerely thanking each partner for their deep trust and firm support in Leming Pharmaceutical over the past year. It is these valuable collaborations that have injected a continuous stream of motivation into Leming Pharmaceutical, enabling them to move forward courageously in the face of challenges. Looking forward to the upcoming year of 2024, we look forward to continuing to work together with all our partners to create a brilliant future.

Mr. Ji Yongchang, Deputy General Manager of Lindmik Pharmaceutical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., expressed sincere gratitude and welcome to all our partners for attending this thank-you ceremony amidst their busy schedules. He introduced the company's development history, technical platform, product pipeline, market size, and future gradually launched products to our partners. And it is stated that Leming Pharmaceutical will take technological innovation as the core driving force, deeply immerse itself in technological research and development, and strive for progress and continuous innovation, opening up more new opportunities and possibilities for the brand construction of the national leading transdermal drug delivery enterprise.

Mr. Gu Danhui, Chairman of Lindmik Pharmaceutical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., first expressed deep gratitude to all our partners for their strong support throughout the journey, and summarized the achievements of our past collaboration. Chairman Gu emphasized the crucial importance of unity and cooperation. He firmly believes that in the rapidly changing market, only by working together can we fearlessly move forward and move forward. He is full of confidence in the future prospects of cooperation and stated that the company will continuously optimize its services to provide stronger support for its partners.

The thank-you ceremony was bustling with lights shining brightly like stars. The melodious melody of Pingtan flows in the air, with the soft language of Wu Nong and the tinkling strings, telling a thousand year old story that is captivating. The song then sounded, either high and passionate, or softly sung, pushing the thank-you ceremony to another climax.
Amidst the intricate threads of the Pingtan and the moving melody of the singing, the guests enjoyed a sumptuous dinner, chatting and laughing, and fully enjoying this rare gathering time. As the night grew deeper, every guest was satisfied and left with full joy and memories.
At this point, the "Grateful Companion, Hand in Hand Win Win" - Leming Pharmaceutical Strategic Partner Appreciation Conference has come to a successful end.

Only by rooting deeply can one have lush branches and leaves. Looking back at the past, Leming Pharmaceutical has always kept up with the times, dared to innovate, and with the joint efforts of its partners, delivered a remarkable answer sheet of the times. Looking ahead to the future, Leming Pharmaceutical will continue to adhere to the original intention of "building a leading enterprise in transdermal drug delivery", continuously promote technological research and development and business product optimization, actively provide support and empowerment for partners, and jointly achieve higher commercial value and effectiveness improvement.
The trees form a forest, and the strings resonate. Join hands to welcome the new challenges of 2024, open a new chapter of win-win cooperation, and create even more brilliant achievements together!

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