Statistics on SFDA drug registration for 2017
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Drug registration status

▪ A total of 734 clinical approvals of new drugs in 2017, 20 new drug certificates and approval documents and 9 approval documents, and 42 clinical applications were declared in accordance with the new drug application process.

▪ A total of 251 clinical applications for generic drugs and 224 manufacturing applications were approved in 2017.

▪ In 2017, a total of 316 clinical applications for imported drugs were approved, and 93 were listed.

▪ A total of 2158 applications for drug supplementation were approved by the Directorate General in 2017, of which 546 were put on file.A total of 4251 applications for drug supplementation have been approved by the national provincial (district and city) bureau, leaving 12264 for filing.

▪ A total of 552 applications for the manufacture of packaging materials and containers for direct contact with drug products were approved in 2017, 338 applications for re registration, and 62 applications for supplementation.

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