2018 New Product Promotion of Lindmik Pharma
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The 2018 Joint Introduction Conference for Major New Products of Lindmik Pharma and SPH Sifu (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., with all the long, wide-ranged anticipation from everyone, was grandly launched in Shanghai Fenglin Pharmaceuticals Research Building on April 3.

The pharmaceutical circles of the medical circle gathered together to participate in the new product promotion meeting sponsored by Le Ming medicine.
At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Yang Zhenyu, chairman of Shanghai Medical Sifu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the co-organizer, gave an opening speech, reviewing the various "twists and turns", "adjustments" and "great changes" that the pharmaceutical industry has encountered in the past year.
Then Mr. Yin Wei, General Manager of Leming Pharmaceuticals, introduced the development process of more than ten years since the establishment of Leming and the strategic layout of the next 3 to 5 years. In the meantime, I introduced to the guests the director and managers of the channel distribution department of Le Ming Pharmaceutical, a young and energetic team. Finally, Mr. Yin Wei introduced the new products launched by Lexing in 2018, including Baiyutong ® (enoxaparin sodium for injection) and HeTianquan Lening ® (olmesartan ester capsule).
Full focus finally calm ® (flurbiprofen acetate injection) in the blockbuster products, is described by the project director Mr Wang Yuanjia appease ® national and Shanghai analgesic drugs market analysis and contrast, highlight appease ® lipid microsphere technology cannot be replaced in the field of anesthesiology, not easy to be homogenized obviously superior advantage: targeted analgesic, balance analgesia, analgesia in advance, is the only legal indications of PCIA NSAIDs.
• Comfort ® was the first injection to pass a conformance evaluation and enter the National Orange Peel Book.

• The first domestic API and patented process production and development, guarantee 2 years of validity.

• One product two rules principle, all the hospital barrierless into the drug, the department of anesthesia easy special approval.

• Recommends by domestic and foreign authoritative guidelines to guide the application of clinical departments, suitable for academic promotion mode.
"The future has come" is a common question for all our medical staff to think about today. Faced with this golden opportunity, Leming is willing to work hard with you to grow up, let us work together for a win-win future.
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