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Virpax focuses on the development of non opioid analgesics using proprietary delivery technology.
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Virpax (NASDAQ: vrpx), founded in 2016 and located in Philadelphia, uses proprietary drug delivery technology to focus on the development of non opioid drugs for pain management.

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The active ingredient of this variety is endogenous enkephalin, which is used to treat acute pain and chronic pain through nasal spray delivery system. It is currently in the pre ind stage. At the same time, the active ingredient can also be developed into PES nanoparticles (particle size ≤ 200nm) and enter the brain through the delivery system to treat post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).

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Using the company's proprietary molecular encapsulation patented technology (MET), enkephalin is delivered in the form of nanoparticles through the nasal olfactory pathway, overcoming the barrier of blood-brain barrier. The molecular encapsulation patented technology (MET) will be protected worldwide until 2034.

Epoladerm's active ingredient is diclofenac eporamide, which is administered using the company's proprietary local drug delivery system spray membrane technology. At the same time, the dose can be more accurate through spray administration. Pre clinical data show that compared with gel and ointment, spray dries faster and reduces 60-90s after being sprayed on the skin. In the joint, compared with cream, spray administration overcomes the limitation of low permeability, and compared with patch, it overcomes the limitation of poor adhesion. The variety has completed preclinical research and submitted ind to FDA in March 2022. The indication is knee osteoarthritis. Meanwhile, the company has signed a clinical trial agreement with altasciences and plans to recruit patients in Canada for clinical trials within this year.
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Probudur is a bupivacaine multi capsule liposome delivery system, which has a long-term effect on postoperative pain. Bupivacaine is applied to the wound site to reduce the exposure of the system. The long-acting time of probudur was 96 hours, which was longer than 72 hours of experel.
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LINDMIK Pharmaceutical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise focusing on the R & D, production and sales of innovative pharmaceutical preparations. The company is headquartered in Suzhou Wuzhong biomedical industrial park, with R & D centers in Beijing and offices in Shanghai. Leming pharmaceutical actively distributes overseas, and has BD departments in the United States and Japan to be responsible for the introduction of overseas cutting-edge innovation projects. Based on its deep understanding of China's pharmaceutical market and starting from solving the unmet clinical needs, Leming pharmaceutical focuses on differential preparation innovation, has a complete R & D, production and sales system, and has high growth potential.

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Lindmik Pharmaceutical(Suzhou)Co.,Ltd is a high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of innovative pharmaceutical preparations.Equipped with a number of its own innovative R&D platform of dosage forms, including the transdermal drug delivery system, and at the same time, actively introducing the world’s leading nano-based drug delivery, microspheres drug delivery and other cutting-edge pharmaceutical technologies by means of “license in”, the company is a new rapidly developing company pharmaceutical companies that catches people’s eyes.




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