[IPO] Lindmik Pharmaceutical(Suzhou)Co.,Ltd which focuses on innovative drugs in the transdermal field, completed pre-A round of financing
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Recently,  Lindmik Pharmaceutical (Suzhou) Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as:  Lindmik Pharmaceutical) announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan pre-A round of financing. It is reported that this round of financing was led by Shandong Transportation Industry Development Fund, and Maibai Capital acted as the exclusive financial adviser of this round. Before that,  Lindmik pharmaceutical also obtained suzhou Wuzhong biological medicine industry investment company angel round investment. This round of investment will mainly be used to strengthen product research and development, enrich the product pipeline, expand the professional team and accelerate the commercial layout, and further expand  Lindmik pharmaceutical's leading edge in core technologies and markets.

Founded in July 2019,  Lindmik Pharmaceutical focuses on the research and development and production of transdermal preparations. It has three core preparation platforms for transdermal absorption, namely gel paste, hot melt adhesive and solvent adhesive. The product pipeline layout includes dozens of transdermal preparations, including the first imitation-domestic innovation-global innovation, and the development path is steady and clear.
At present, the formal BE experiment of flurbiprofen gel patch, its first product, has been completed and subjects have been enrolled. The previous pre-BE results are excellent, and it is expected to become the first approved enterprise of this blockbuster product in China. Other domestic/global innovative products independently developed by Lindmik Pharmaceutical have also entered the application and preclinical study stage.

In addition, in 2020, Le Ming pharmaceutical announced that it has signed a global strategic cooperation agreement with Ascendia Pharma to acquire Ascendia Pharma's exclusive development, production and commercialization rights in mainland China for clopidogrel nanoemulsion injection (ASD-002).

Gu Danhui, founder of Lindmik Pharmaceutical, said:
How to better meet the clinical needs is the mission of pharmaceutical enterprises. Regardless of transdermal preparations or complex preparations, Lemin always takes clinical needs as the starting point to lay out the strategic development direction of the company. Different from new molecular innovative drugs, improved innovative drugs have the characteristics of less investment, low risk and short cycle, but their future commercial value is no less than that of many other tracks with serious intraports.
At present, transdermal patches in China are still dominated by Traditional Chinese medicine, and chemical drug transdermal patches have obvious advantages in efficacy and compliance, and the trend of gradually replacing traditional Chinese medicine will be further accelerated. We believe that with the help of capital,  Lindmik pharmaceutical will greatly accelerate the strategic layout of independent research and development + introduction and absorption, and lay a solid foundation for the company's future development.

Chi Chao, Chairman of Zhongmin Shangao, said:
Innovative formulations, especially transdermal patches, are a rapidly developing market in China. Combined with the trend of domestic substitution, we are firmly optimistic about the future prospects of the industry.  Lindmik Pharmaceutical has unique original technology, product research and development and approval progress in the domestic leading position, especially the management has a strong business execution ability and international vision, we believe that with the company's product development and mature commercial layout,  Lindmik will become a leader in the field of innovative preparations.

Tong Tong, chairman of Wuzhong Biomedical Industry Investment Company, said:
 Lindmik Pharmaceutical co., Ltd. is one of the first enterprises to enter wuzhong Biomedical Industrial Park, and recently passed the on-site inspection of production license by the Pharmaceutical administration, and is expected to obtain the first MAH production license in the field of transdermal drug delivery in Suzhou.
Before the entry of  Lindmik Pharmaceutical, we have carried out extensive and detailed research and expert demonstration, and highly recognized the technical strength and executive ability of  Lindmik team. We are glad to see that  Lindmik pharmaceutical develops smoothly and is gradually fulfilling the original milestone. We will, as always, support and empower the biomedical enterprises in the zone, and develop together with them to create brilliant.

Shandong Transportation Industry Development Fund
Shandong Transportation Industry Development Fund is the only large-scale diversified transportation industry equity investment fund in Shandong province established under the guidance of Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission managed by Zhongminshan High Capital Management Co., LTD. The transportation fund takes the mother fund as the main direction and carries out direct investment business at the same time. It takes the large transportation industry as the main line and covers the fields of energy conservation and environmental protection, biomedicine, new material technology and so on. It selects the market leader to carry out strategic acquisition, financial investment, merger and acquisition and reorganization nationwide.

Wuzhong Biomedical Industry Investment Co
The Special Fund of Wuzhong Biomedical Industrial Park is a professional state-owned investment platform under Wuzhong Biomedical Industrial Park, with a total scale of 5 billion yuan and the initial scale of 1 billion yuan. Fund depends on suzhou and wuzhong biological medicine industry existing foundation, combining the resources of the industry advantages, adhering to the power of biological medicine that the concept of "suzhou no.1 industry", has achieved in tumor gene test, since the establishment of innovative drugs, widely in the field of high-end generic drugs such as layout, is committed to help build a leading biomedical industry park and industry fund.

Clopidogrel injection can rapidly reduce platelet activity in a few minutes, greatly reducing the risk of surgery in patients with emergency PCI, and has a broad market prospect. At present, animal toxicology test of this product has been successfully completed, and IND will be published in China and America at the same time. It will also be the world's first clopidogrel injection to hit the market, and the market is expected to exceed $2 billion in the future.

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Lindmik Pharmaceutical(Suzhou)Co.,Ltd is a high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of innovative pharmaceutical preparations.Equipped with a number of its own innovative R&D platform of dosage forms, including the transdermal drug delivery system, and at the same time, actively introducing the world’s leading nano-based drug delivery, microspheres drug delivery and other cutting-edge pharmaceutical technologies by means of “license in”, the company is a new rapidly developing company pharmaceutical companies that catches people’s eyes.




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