Be grateful and forge ahead | Lindmik Pharma’s Trip to Beihai
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How amazing it was when I felt the rain in Beihai dropping on me. The sea was whispering in my ear, telling a story about pearls and plants. A horse galloped across the road beyond the overbridge and left a splash of the golden river. The breeze at night...

Just ringing the New Year bell, the past 2018 seems to be particularly difficult. With the introduction of new policies in the pharmaceutical industry, it seems that no enterprise is the winner. But we firmly believe that when God closes a door, another window is opened, and 2019 Beihai Annual Conference is to find that window.

In the North Sea of spring all the year round, it is every medical personnel who needs to think and make changes. The annual meeting in the past is full of leisure and entertainment, but this year's arrangement seems particularly serious and serious. On the occasion of spring, we should make preparations for a rainy day.
General Yin made the opening remarks for the annual meeting, explaining the ups and down of 2018. Now it is inevitable that there will be confusion and lagging behind. We should have confidence in ourselves, live in the present and cherish the current varieties, the varieties that can be delivered in quantity are good varieties, change the past excessive dependence on resources, adapt to the future market changes, and practice basic skills of academic visit.

One and a half days of product training was by no means commonplace. It brought the latest medical evidence and key information of the product to everyone. Everyone took notes with great concentration. Training invited MingZhiJun and Xia Hui interspersed with experience sharing, tell them in LeMing happy growth course, how to find the needs of customers, make good use of academic meetings and activities, root the one step a footprint of our products in the customer heart, reflect our LeMing diligence, perseverance and joy, the spirit of learning.

Finally, Mr. Gu encouraged everyone to keep moving forward in the New Year and commended the excellent employees in 2018.

Under the blue sky and clear sea of Beihai, the Leming medical team talked and laughed all the way, feeling the delicious seafood and blue wave white sand of Beihai. We love work and life, and the trip to Beihai makes us more passionate. In 2019, let us roll up our sleeves and work harder! Come on!

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