The 2018 Expert Symposium on the Progress of the Clinical Application of Tiotropium Bromide in COPD is successfully held
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Minutes of the 2018 Expert Symposium on the Clinical Application of Tiotropium Bromide in COPD

This year, The Lancet, an international authoritative medical journal, published THE first results of China Adult Lung Health Study (hereinafter referred to as THE "Study"), a large-scale population study completed by Chinese scholars, revealing THE prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in China, and identifying for THE first time THE number of patients with COPD in China at about 100 million.

In the international context, zhejiang fairy Ju pharmaceutical joint LeMing medicine in Shanghai beauty hill hotel, guest invited, breath branch, deputy director of the committee member of Chinese medical association, American lung association director committee member of Shanghai zhongshan hospital professor chun-xue bai as the chairman of the meeting, also invited the sixth people's hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university professor xu; Professor Song, Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University; Prof. Guo, Longhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine; They gave wonderful presentations about COPD.

By zhejiang fairy Ju pharmaceutical special assistant general manager Paul peng wang spoke first, thank you to attend Shanghai each hospital doctors, and then expounds the COPD drugs in the field of pattern, zhejiang fairy Ju is the largest maker of steroid medicine apis, 13 products passed the FDA certification, 9 has passed the certification of the European Union, and bought a pharmaceutical factory in Italy, 100% in preparation of pharmaceutical technology requires high barriers, thiamethoxam bromide we choose the best crystal shape, to launch better products breathing field in the future.

Professor Xu gave A detailed presentation on the progress of tiotropium bromide in the clinical application of COPD, including 7 clinical studies, and again confirmed that tiotropium bromide is the first line of recommended grade A evidence and the safest branchreamer in the respiratory department from the latest 2018GOLD guidelines this year.

A good horse makes a good saddle. Director Guo, a respiratory expert, gives a comprehensive explanation of all sprays/powders, the use of inhalation devices, and the scientific design and convenience of optimal breathing.

Dr. Song, Director of Zhongshan Hospital, explained the importance of ICS in the clinic of asthma. Cyclosingonide is the drug with the least adverse reactions at present, which is close to the natural hormone secretion curve of human body. Through the mechanism characteristics, pharmacokinetics and clinical comparative studies of Cyclosingonide, it is superior to Budesonide currently used.

The meeting lasted two and a half hours, and finally Professor Bai Chunxue from Zhongshan Hospital made a summary of the conference, COPD is growing year by year, and good drugs are needed to help us treat it. Tiotropium is cheap and good in quality, combined with the current medical Internet of Things, so that every doctor and patients are more convenient.

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