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Infusystem and ventis Pharma reach a cooperation agreement on enduracaine sales
Infusystem (nsye:infu) announced on June 14 that the company had reached a sales and marketing agreement with ventis in the United States, and the specific terms of the agreement were not disclosed.
Ventis Pharma focuses on developing innovative, long-lasting and safer drugs and treatments for postoperative pain and chronic pain. Enduracaine is a compound drug combination for local analgesia, including three non opioid drugs, tetracaine, lidocaine and adrenaline.
According to the CEO of ventis Pharma, enduracaine provides anesthesiologists and surgeons with a better choice of postoperative non opioid analgesia. We look forward to closer cooperation with infusystem in the future to benefit patients with more and better products.

Apiject receives $111m investment from royalty pharma and Jefferies
In this round of investment, apijet is valued at $300 million, led by royalty pharma and Jefferies financial group, with a total investment of $111m.
Apijet focuses on the development of injection delivery system. This round of financing funds will be used for the development of the company's proprietary blow fill seal (BFS).
BFS is recognized as an advanced process by FDA, which can reduce pollution and errors in the production of sterile injectable drugs. At present, the main participants of BFS technology include unither pharmaceuticals, nephron pharmaceuticals, TRC (ritedose), recipharm, Takeda pharmaceuticals and catalyst. The top six players account for about 30% of the global market. The Americas is the largest market, followed by the Asia Pacific region and Europe.

FDA Approves Ananda scientific's nantheia atl5 for ind for PTSD treatment
Ananda scientific announced in May that nantheia atl5 had obtained the new drug clinical trial application from FDA. Nantheia atl5 adopts the special liquid structure of Ananda company ™ Delivery technology, the active ingredient is cannabinoid (CBD). Liquid Structure ™ Delivery technology can improve the bioavailability and water solubility of cannabinoids and other plant extracts and improve the shelf life.
The company said that the follow-up clinical trial will be carried out in cooperation with the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The pH2 RCT clinical trial plans to recruit 240 PTSD patients for effectiveness and safety evaluation.

Ananda focuses on the development and clinical research of industrial cannabinoids. Previously, nantheia atl5 has carried out clinical trials for the treatment of opioid disorders.
Eyepoint pharmaceuticals' fluoro relaxed vitreous implants have been approved for marketing by nmpa
On June 21, Beijing time, eyepoint announced that 0.18 mg of its yutiq (fluocinolone acetonide intravitreal implant) was approved by nmpa for import and marketing. Yutiq is a slow-release preparation that can release corticosteroids at a uniform rate for up to 36 months for the treatment of non infectious uveitis. The company responsible for the registration and application in China this time is the domestic ophthalmic medicine platform company, document Therapeutics - B.
In addition, this is the first NDA approved by China food and Drug Administration Based on foreign clinical trial data and domestic real world data. In october2018, FDA first approved yutiq to be listed. After that, through the preferential policy of "privileged access, first trial" of Boao Lecheng pilot area, Boao Lecheng super hospital was introduced through the clinical channel in urgent need. It was first applied in China in August 2019. In 2020, after the preliminary review by Hainan Provincial Drug Administration, it was submitted to the drug evaluation center of the State Food and Drug Administration for review, and was included in the pilot variety of clinical real world data application in Lecheng pilot area, Start real world data research, and CDE will accept yutiq's NDA application in 2021.

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