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Company vision

R & D is the core of pharmaceutical enterprises. The relocation of Beijing R & D center also represents that Leming pharmaceutical has stepped onto a new height and started a new journey. We will still adhere to the corporate philosophy of "caring for life and people-oriented", take clinical needs as the starting point, and focus on every project. Become a leading biopharmaceutical enterprise in China and make its own contribution to human health.

Thank you

On the occasion of the relocation of the R & D center, Mr. gudanhui, chairman of Leming pharmaceutical, made a speech to thank the partners of the Beijing R & D Center for successfully completing the R & D Progress on schedule and with high quality under the influence of the epidemic. And I wish that in a more spacious and comfortable office environment, Beijing R & D center will make further efforts to create a learning and sharing company soft environment, and let every employee find the feeling of "home".

New environment, new journey

A new starting point, a new journey. Success comes from harmony and strength comes from unity. I have faith in my heart and strength under my feet. I wish the Beijing R & D center to work together in the new environment, create new achievements, and the project will be approved smoothly!

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