Who is better off? The full evaluation of mainstream patches on the market has arrived
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It is believed that when purchasing OTC pain relief pastes, people will often see the names of pastes with different properties or functions. In recent years, there is nothing more common than "gel pastes". In addition to gel pastes, the words "cool feeling" and "hot feeling" are also often seen on the packaging, which are actually derived from the formulation of the pastes and the materials used in their production.

Today, in addition to introducing the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of gel plasters, we will also introduce the characteristics and differences of various analgesic plasters on the market.

The main drug carriers (i.e. the matrix used for drug coating) of plasters on the market are divided into three types: gel plasters, mixed matrix solvent adhesives and new thermoplastic polymer hot-melt adhesives.

When this ointment is composed of medication (or other painkillers) components combined with the backing layer to form an analgesic patch, a medium is needed to blend them together and have a certain degree of viscosity, so that it will not slip off after application, which can also be called a "matrix".

The gel paste uses "high water content gel" as the matrix. It is soft and cold, mild to the skin, and can be identified by its appearance. The paste itself has a jelly feel and is thick, but usually has poor viscosity.

Rubber patches are patches made of rubber or resin as the substrate, usually thinner and with higher viscosity.

Natural rubber is commonly used in rubber patches due to its low cost and widespread use. However, the production process of rubber patches requires soaking in organic solvents to soften them, which not only easily evaporates, flashes, and produces harmful substances, but also is the main cause of skin allergic reactions and drug rash.

This type of ointment is relatively thin, and there may be residual glue and fur pulled out by the roots when torn off.

And another type of "new medical hot melt adhesive", which is also composed of "resin", has strong adhesion. However, compared to traditional rubber patches, the new hot melt adhesive does not require organic solvents to soften it, thereby reducing skin allergic reactions.

In addition to the differences in water-based/oil-based, cool/warm sensation, there are also traditional Chinese medicine/chemical drugs available on the market. The main difference lies in the ingredients that soothe and alleviate soreness.

The commonly used ingredients in Huayao plaster are non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as flurbiprofen, losoprofen, and other drugs, which have rapid pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects, timely efficacy, and excellent pain relief. They are commonly used in acute sprains, strains, and collisions.

In addition to adding traditional Chinese medicine, common ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine patches include holly oil (anti-inflammatory and analgesic) and peppermint (cooling sensation). Although the ingredients are complex, they do not contain the analgesic ingredients of Western medicine (as mentioned above). Their effects tend to promote blood circulation, promote blood circulation, and eliminate blood stasis. They are often combined with acupoints to achieve excellent results, rather than emphasizing the role of "pain relief". Some will use capsaicin to block the nervous system's messages through the sensation of heat, achieving temporary pain relief and producing a warm effect.

Essential oil patches (daily chemical products, not drugs) are different from traditional Chinese medicine patches. The ingredients added to essential oil patches are plant extracts, such as root essential oil, mint essential oil, lavender essential oil Wait for the formula and achieve the effect of adding and mixing through the combination of essential oils.

Regardless of the type of ointment, it is recommended not to apply it for more than 6 to 8 hours a day, and try to apply one patch per day to avoid mixing multiple brands/properties, otherwise excessive use will cause burden to the body. Children and pregnant women should also consult a doctor before using patches.

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