The application for listing of the first product flurbiprofen gel paste was accepted, and the development of Leming pharmaceutical entered a fast lane
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On August 24, 2022, the application for listing of flurbiprofen gel patch of lindnik Pharma was accepted. Flurbiprofen gel paste is a kind of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). According to the data of MI Nei and Zhongkang information, the terminal sales amount in 2021 has exceeded 2.4 billion yuan (including hospital terminals and pharmacy terminals). Before that, many enterprises had not been approved. Last Thursday, Leming pharmaceutical was invited to participate in the special seminar organized by CDE. As the only enterprise in China that has completed the formal pk-be, Leming pharmaceutical introduced the specific research scheme in detail, and cited the actual cases of the US FDA and the Japanese Ministry of health and welfare to put forward the proposal of clinical exemption, which was recognized by CDE officials and experts. This successful production report is another solid step from the first imitation of 2.4 billion single products. In addition, another loxoprofen sodium gel patch with a market size of more than 1.5 billion has also completed the scale-up production of the officially declared batch, which is expected to be officially reported within the year.

Lindmik pharmaceutical, located in Wuzhong biomedical industrial park, has the most complete R & D platform of transdermal drug delivery system (TDDS) in China and a full set of production equipment imported from Japan. Its products include gel paste, hot melt adhesive, solvent adhesive and other external transdermal dosage forms. At the same time, Leming pharmaceutical has also introduced foreign advanced nano drug loaded, microspheres loaded and other high-end preparations through license in. The first clopidogrel nano emulsion injection is expected to launch ind application in China and the United States this year.

Lindmik pharmaceutical is positioned to subdivide the racetrack, lay out the blue ocean market, focus on high-end generic drugs, and quickly cultivate the enterprise's self hematopoiesis ability. At the same time, taking the solution of clinical unmet needs as the starting point, it actively carries out the research and development of benign innovative drugs. A number of domestic invention patents are in the public stage, and a number of international PCT patents are being prepared for application.

In the next few years, with the approval of many products and its excellent commercialization ability, Leming pharmaceutical will rapidly form a domestic market sales scale, actively cultivate Transnational R & D capabilities, explore the international road, and become a gazelle enterprise in the pharmaceutical industry of China.

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