Lindmik innovative preparation industrialization project landing in Qidong held a signing ceremony
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On December 5, 2023, the signing ceremony of "Leming Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation Preparation Industrialization Project" was held in the Qidong Municipal Government conference hall. The project is located in Jiangsu Qidong life health Science and Technology Park, covering an area of 50 acres, Leming Pharmaceutical plans to invest 300 million yuan to build innovative preparation manufacturing center including patches. CAI Yi, Mayor of Qidong City People's Government, Wang Chunhua, Vice Mayor of Zhongjin Capital, Wu Kai, Executive general manager of Qidong City, Life Health Science and Technology Park, and relevant responsible persons of Zhongjin Capital attended the signing ceremony, and Gu Danhui, chairman of Leming Pharmaceutical, led a senior executive team to attend the signing.

Mr. Gu Danhui, Chairman of the board, said that Leming Pharmaceutical has been focusing on technology research and development and industrialization in the field of transdermal drug delivery, the first product will be approved for sale, and more than 10 types of patch products will be declared for listing in the future. Thanks to the Qidong City government and Qidong Life Health Science Park Management Committee for the strong support of Leming Pharmaceutical Qidong project, the signing of the landing is an important step for Leming Pharmaceutical to layout capacity scale in advance, the company will take this opportunity to carry out a high starting point, high standard, high specification factory construction in Qidong, and strive to build a leading domestic percutaneous patch production base. Make further contribution to the good economy of Qidong.

CAI Yi, mayor of Qidong City government, said that Qidong City has been focusing on the development of the biomedical industry, and a number of well-known enterprises such as Wuxi Apptech have landed in Qidong, and the ecological environment for the development of biomedicine has begun to take shape. Relevant departments at all levels in Qidong City have been adhering to the service concept of "respecting entrepreneurs, treating investors well and serving taxpayers", consistently maintaining first-class service levels, making full use of good location advantages, and striving to create a high-quality business environment. The settlement of the industrialization project of Leming Pharmaceutical will inject strong momentum into the development of the biomedicine industry and the expansion of the scale of the life health science and technology park in Qidong City. It is expected that the future Leming Pharmaceutical project can start and put into operation as soon as possible, and the two sides will cooperate sincerely to achieve win-win results and bear fruitful results.

This successful signing is an important milestone in the rapid development of Leming Pharmaceutical (Suzhou) Co., LTD. Due to the complex production process of patch products, the scale of production line is a major constraint, and there are very few enterprises with large-scale production capacity in China. The future Qidong production base, with a designed production capacity of 600 million pieces/year, will introduce a full set of imported equipment to achieve complete intelligence and automation from feeding, coating and cutting, patch collection, and internal and external packaging. The construction of the new production line will further consolidate Le Ming Pharmaceutical's leading position in the field of transdermal drug delivery.

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